Niche Site Project 1.0

NSD 1.0

I have been an avid follower of Pat Flynn along with Spencer Haws, and I have been watching their techniques and case studies about creating niche sites. I attempted to make one over a year ago, but it failed because I gave up on it and did not stick with it. Which sucks, because that [...]

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The Best Analytic Tracking for Your Website

website analytics free

I have been using Google Analytic's for quite some time...and honestly it's okay. It's nothing that radical especially if you want something that tracks your website live and gives you some serious statistics. I had been contemplating about switching to Clicky Web Analytics (affiliate link), and I finally decided to make the move over to them. [...]

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Prevent Getting Hacked! Get the Best WordPress Security Plugin to Prevent That!

best wordpress security

When it comes to your blog or online business your protection means everything. Because if someone hacks your website then they most likely will install viruses and malware into it and potentially siphon your information from your blog. Which means you will lose trust with your audience, your income and it will be a royal [...]

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Look No More – The Best WordPress Theme

wordpress thesis theme

I still remember when I was trying to find a good WordPress theme that didn't require HTML skills or at least very basic HTML skills. I remember downloading theme, by theme that said "No HTML skills required," yet I still find myself having to code them which ended up in a huge mess. So today [...]

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4 Strategies on How to Make Yourself Known Online

building a brand strategy

Thanks Vlado for the photo! :)

When you first start out with blogging you are probably writing to no audience. You have an avatar idea of who you want to write too, but you don't have an actual audience who reads your content. It's tough at the start, but I am here to say that it gets better overtime. And the [...]

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